ASR Speech to Text

5 Ways ASR speech to text transcription can
revolutionize your speech insights

To gain insights from contact center voice recordings, voice survey open-ends, and other voice signals, it is critical to integrate the best-of-breed ASR Speech to Text models. AI-driven Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) converts conversations into accurate transcripts that tell you more about your customer, their needs, and their expectations.

PinPoint has invested over 7 years working with the largest companies to refine Speech to Text automated transcription to achieve the highest accuracy levels and interpret insights from both acoustic and text data. This document highlights the key components of a best-of-breed automated transcription solution

Here are five reasons you need PinPoint Research ASR for your contact center:

Spoken customer interaction is the most important dataset to predict customer behavior. To fully analyze the voice data the transcription must be accurate. Pinpoint achieves an industry standard for transcription and grammar accuracy.


Emotion, sentiment, and conversation in context provide emotional intelligence and insights that drive service and product enhancements. Pinpoint’s ASR models provide both acoustic and textual emotion and sentiment analysis. When sentiment is accurately tracked, greater insights can be derived.

Real-time transcription provides tools for immediate response and service recovery. PinPoint Research delivers 1 hour of voice content in 60 seconds with 90-95% accuracy and can scale to tens of thousands of calls per hour


ASR technology enables real-time transcription of omnichannel verbal responses to web, SMS, or voicemail recordings.

AI-trained ASR transcription models deliver 92% accuracy including support for languages and accents for every developed nation, as well as industry-specific terminology.


ASR Speech to Text

See what real-time ASR and Speech to Text Transcription can do for your contact center.

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