Voice Based Surveys™

5 reasons you need PinPoint Voice Based Surveys™

PinPoint has identified 5 reasons why Voice Based Surveys™ are the preferred methodology for post transactional contact center surveys. In short, it’s all about the voice. Our IVR Voice Surveys enable the brand to capture the consumer experience in their own words, providing the data for speech analytics to deliver the why behind rating data.

This post transactional voice data becomes even more important to contact centers because when married with call center recordings you can understand the cause and attitudinal effect of agent performance.

Capturing spoken customer sentiment powers both quantitative and qualitative analytics to provide better emotional intelligence and a deeper understanding of consumer sentiment; data that can help improve call center performance and shape sales and service strategies

Here are five reasons you need PinPoint Research IVR Voice Based Surveys™ for customer service and contact center support:

It’s real time!   Our inbound call transfer provides immediate feedback following a call center interaction. The result is better experiential data and support for closed-loop service and recovery.


You get more responses.  An inbound IVR Voice Survey transfer is proven to deliver a higher response rate, and it promotes more participation across all demographic segments.

Customers prefer a telephone survey channel after a contact center interaction. Research shows that 79% of consumers prefer IVR post transactional surveys over SMS across all demographic groups.


You get more qualitative data. IVR voice surveys yield 5 to 9 times more open-end response voice data. It’s the best way to understand the “why” behind ratings metrics and to explore service and product improvements.

It’s simple to integrate. PinPoint’s API library provides a proven approach to integrate IVR surveys into most contact center platforms, including Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Amazon, Five9 and many more.


IVR Voice Surveys™

Real-time voice-driven IVR surveys can reveal new insights and create more possibilities for your contact center. Let PinPoint Research show you how.

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