Four keys to better measure call center CX

Customer support call centers continue to be one of the most influential customer experience (CX) touch points in your customers’ journey. Designing and executing customer experience call center CX feedback systems should be one of the highest priorities in any enterprise CEM solution. Unfortunately, for many brands, a one-size-fits-all methodology has been used to develop survey and feedback systems to interview customers about their experience following call center interactions. Our experience suggests that the survey methodology and system design needs to align to the unique aspects of customer care call center management.

Here is a list of four key considerations to keep in mind when designing call center survey feedback systems:

1. Acquire customer experience quickly. The best data from customer care and call center service interactions need to be acquired within minutes after the termination of the call. Best of breed solutions use an instantaneous, event-triggered system to engage a consumer who has opted in to a survey. This event triggered surveys offer the highest response rates and the most concise feedback on call center CX.

2. Sentiment data is king. Consumer sentiment is recognized as a key indicator of customer experience and an important metric for customer care. Many vendors wait to measure sentiment in post engagement text analytics processing. Voice driven data collection systems using IVR and speech-to-text models can measure consumer sentiment scores in real time and monitor for keywords and phrases enabling alerts to be delivered for direct intervention by customer care representatives.

3. Integrate operational and research data. Strong analytics are key to managing agents’ performance and making insights actionable. One way of enhancing call analytics that is often overlooked is integrating survey data with operational data. The seamless integration of survey and operational data, including agent ID, is critical to generating comprehensive analytics that can render actionable insight. Survey data system should integrate through API into the call center data allowing seamless integration on the front-end rather than requiring post survey manual integration of operational data.

4. Open-ends are critical to making NPS actionable to the brand. Qualitative insights drive ideation that enables the brand to take action to make measurable improvement in NPS scores. Unfortunately, mobile and text survey have had a direct negative impact on the quantity and frequency of consumer open ends. The only survey methodology that has consistently delivered rich open end data is IVR surveys. Consumers tend to give open end responses that are 3-7 times longer than other survey methods. In addition, with speech-to-text technology these voice open ends are more actionable and cost effective than ever.

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