Improved ASR Technology Makes IVR Voice Surveys an Essential Call Center Resource

Call center customer experience (CX) continues to be a critical component for both customer retention and brand advocacy. To improve customer service, call center operations continue to focus on acquiring and analyzing voice data to measure the CX experience, drive agent coaching, and improve call center operations. The customer’s voice has become even more powerful in shaping CX thanks to improvements in ASR (Automated Speech Recognition) technology which is powering IVR voice surveys.

ASR is shaping CX and call center operations, providing immediate speech-to-text auto-transcriptions from IVR voice surveys that are more accurate than ever before. Using today’s ASR technology, we can collect and process data from IVR voice surveys with a base accuracy between 84 and 90 percent using an untuned model, and even greater accuracy with a tuned model. And with ASR technology, voice transcriptions are delivered in near real time, as opposed to multiple days, and the cost of auto-transcription is a fraction of manual transcription.

Consider the possibilities of having a real-time call transcript at your fingertips. Integrating auto-transcription with text analytics gives you a new layer of qualitative data that can be mined in various ways.

For example, real-time text analytics allow you to code and analyze voice data enabling post call review and closed loop escalation of call data and open-ends to respond to critical customer needs. You also have new potential applications for improving call center operations, including auto-transcribing call survey open-ends and the auto-transcription of agent customer call center recordings for training and coaching. Accurate call transcripts powered by the latest ASR platform provides a rich store of qualitative data for agent coaching and case management response review, as well as CX analytics.

It’s clear that speech-to-text has become an essential tool for every progressive call center.

The goal of every company is to improve CX, and for many customers call center interactions are the most influential experience, a defining experience within their journey. Using voice data and transcribed text together provides call center operations and CX practitioners with a new and powerful set of tools to drive innovation and improve CX.

Want to learn more about how speech-to-text technology can improve your call center operations? We recently completed a study assessing the effectiveness of voice-to-text for qualitative analysis and will be happy to discuss our results. I look forward to our discussion, contact me

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