“Your Call May Be Recorded…” But Who Listens?

How many times have you contacted a call center only to be greeted with an automated voice that says, “This call may be recorded for training purposes”? Recording inbound calls have become routine. However, does anyone really use these recordings? Do they really have sufficient value for training purposes to sift through every call, or is there more to be gained from customer response transcripts?

Smart call centers are using call recording to identify problems with customers and improve their products and operations. You can only gain so much value from recorded calls for customer service training, but there is a wealth of data to be mined from call recording combined with customer survey data. Most call centers don’t bother to sift through call recording data because it is too time consuming and expensive.

Speech to Text Yields a Wealth of Data

A study by the Customer Contact Council showed that customer loyalty is built by providing seamless interactions and making the customer work less to get what they want. Trying to exceed customer expectations could be an impossible task, but the research shows that if you can meet the expectations of the customer experience you are well on your way.\

When a customer reaches out to the call center, it means they need help so the level of customer satisfaction is already dropping. Call center interactions are when you talk to customer when they have an issue. Rather than focusing on using the exchange to train reps to deal with problems that call center exchange could help identify issues you can eliminate in the future.

What is surprising is how few brands actually use recorded calls to learn more about their customers. By converting calls into transcripts it’s a relatively simple matter to apply text analytics application to identify key themes, and sentiment to identify opportunities to improve the customer experience in your call center interaction

When you take customer call transcripts, operational data, survey data, and other data sources, such as sales reports or call volume, you can learn a lot about what your customers expect from your brand. Once you start transcribing and archiving customer call center conversations you have a rich data repository that can be integrated with text analytics to power CX reporting.

The first step is work with a partner who can help you understand the quality of your voice recordings, and pilot a process to transcribe voice data to convert them into a data format that is searchable and machine readable for artificial intelligence. The faster you can convert speech to text, the sooner it has tangible value.

Making Call Recordings Actionable

Speech-to-text technology has advanced to the point where audio recordings can be transcribed automatically making them easy to archive and easier to search and analyze quickly to highlight customer issues.

Call transcriptions yield even more insight when coupled with IVR survey open ends. Research shows that consumers prefer to respond to IVR surveys delivered using the same channel. Using open-ended voice surveys that can be transcribed along with the call center exchange even more about customer perception and CX. Combining best of breed ASR transcription and analytics resulting in data presented in a form that can support customer experience policy and products and tools to enhance agent performance.

By combining IVR voice survey data resulting with call recording analytics, you have the opportunity to understand the root causes for low NPS and brand churn.   The combination of survey experiential data and recording analysis also can become a predictor or NPS.

It’s time that all brands started using those call center recordings to actually listen to customers and hear what they have to say. An archive of transcribed customer calls can be invaluable for guiding company strategy and learning more about brand perception. When coupled with analytics, call center conversations can be an incredibly powerful tool that improves CX and promotes customer loyalty by making the call center experience seamless.

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