Is Voice Driven Data Capture Part of Your CX Strategy?

Customer experience (CX) research has been experiencing dramatic evolution in the last decade which has, in turn, changed CX strategy. In recent years customer satisfaction research has been turned upside down by the rapid evolution of the digital customer experience. The historical norm of siloed customer satisfaction survey projects reported on a monthly or quarterly basis has evolved into real-time omni channel data collection spanning the entire customer journey, from acquisition to long-term client retention and value growth. Further, there is a new demand to integrate all employees into CX reporting and motivation. Every employee in the company has an opportunity to enhance the customer experience, which has driven CX vendor to deliver multi-level reporting that integrates analytics spanning survey, social data, operational data, etc.

The goal today is not to simply report on a customer satisfaction metric, rather it is to make customer satisfaction an integral component to company strategy and employee motivation.

To achieve this goal, CX vendors must look for best of breed solutions throughout the customer journey. One such solution is the Voice Driven Data Collection™. Voice Driven Data Collection utilizes telephone and mobile devices to maximize the opportunity to capture both quantitative and qualitative data within a omni channel environment by converting voice response into actionable data.

The premiere survey methodology for capturing voice driven data is IVR surveys. IVR offers a flexible survey methodology for mobile consumer enabling voice and keystroke-driven input. Statistics show that IVR surveys tend to provide the highest response rates in outbound survey methodologies, and they offer the ability to gain insight immediately after a consumer interaction with a call center. What this means is that a broad demographic population can provide survey data response that reflects a more accurate representation of the consumer’s experience with rich quantitative and qualitative data.

More importantly, IVR surveys uniquely enable an ability to capture responses through open ends, the actual voice of the customer, providing actionable attitudinal and ideation insights to understand the “why” of consumer CX measurement. This ability to capture consumer voice is particularity important when considering the dramatic decline in open ended data associated with web, mobile, and text surveys.

Integrating IVR survey data collection is a key component to making the Voice of the Customer actionable in today’s CX strategy.

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